Air Transport Scenarios

Lecturer (assistant)
TypePractical course
Duration4 SWS
TermSommersemester 2018
Language of instructionGerman



Students alongside with experts from research institutions and industry companies develop alternative, plausible pictures of the future and strategies for stakeholders of the aviation industry (airlines, manufacturers, airports etc.) in a scenario study. Instead of conventional teaching lead by one lecturer students are working in different teams throughout several workshops. During the process one current topic of the aviation industry is discussed. One aspect of the course is the introduction into strategic planning of companies by using selected methods of scenario planning. Another aspect of the course deals with the question of how complex systems, like the aviation system, can be structured and dealt with efficiently. Since the course will be held in the form of workshops and groups students cannot only increase their technical knowledge but will also train their abilities of important soft skills.


- min. 5th term (undergraduate class) - basic knowledge about the aviation system

Teaching and learning methods

- speeches of industry leaders - group work


- activity during the workshop meetings - final presentation - short exam

Recommended literature

"Szenario-Management - Planen und Führen mit Szenarien" (Gausemeier/Fink/Schlake) Abgeschlossene Szenarioprojekte bitte im e-learning Kurs herunterladen.