Aircraft Design

The lecture „Aircraft Design“ engross, based on the course „Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering“, different current design methods and major designing tools. They will be applicable for the practical design of civil and military fixed wing aircrafts. The students acquire knowledge of systematic procedure of the aircraft design process and should be able to design assemblies with focus on the overall aircraft design as well as the overall aircraft design itself. Due to that, the required aircraft performance, current safety, economic efficiency, comfort and environmental requirements are the basics of the design process. Especially the connection between requirements and their impact on configuration level will be outlined.

LecturerProf. Dr.-Ing. Mirko Hornung
TutorLysandros Anastasopoulos
Schedule2 lecture units and 1 exercise course unit per week (3 SWS)

Historic Development of civil and military fixed wing aircrafts
Design process: Overall design – preliminary design
Civil aviation authorities

High-lift devices
Airfoil design
Drag reduction
Stability und trim

Structural design
Definitions and main components
Weight estimation for transport aircraft
Growth factors
V-n diagram

Mission performance
Take-off and landing
Climb performance
Cruise performance

Point performance
Specific Excess Power (SEP)
Specific Range
Turn rates (STR and ATR)

Engine thrust
Thrust characteristics
Fuel consumption
Engine parameter estimation
Novel propulsion concepts

Design chart
Basic terms
Limit curves of the design chart
Parameter variation

Assemblies and subsystems
Wings and empennage
Landing gear
Flight control system
Propulsion system
Integrative aspects

Weight, mass and structural design
Mass estimation at assembly level
Growth factor
V-n diagram

Electrical aircraft technologies
Energy and power density
Noise and pollutant emissions
Hybrid propulsion concepts

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