Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering

The lecture "Grundlagen der Luftfahrttechnik" (fundamentals of aeronautical engineering) is held in cooperation with the Institute for Helicopter Technology and is conceived to provide the basics of aeronautical engineering.
After taking part in this module, the students are able to understand the aircraft as the core element of aviation (including both rotary and fixed wing aircraft). The students will be capable to apply simple methods to analyze main characteristics in aerodynamics and flight performance. Moreover, they will be aware of basic relations and functionalities of systems and components. Other ILR lectures in the covered areas offer possibilities to gather further profound knowledge.

LecturersProf. Dr.-Ing. Mirko Hornung 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Hajek

Moritz Thiele
Aaron Barth

Schedule2  lecture units and 1 exercise course unit per week (3 SWS)
  • Introduction
    application examples of rotary and fixed wing aircraft (civil and military)
  • Historic development
    fixed wing aircraft in civil and military aviation
  • Aircraft (fixed wing)
    overview, basics of aircraft aerodynamics (lift, drag, stability); masses; basics of engine integration; aircraft performance; mission performance
  • Historic development
    rotary wing aircraft
  • Helicopters (rotary wing)
    overview, basics of momentum theory and blade element theory, preliminary design and mission performance, rotor dynamics
  • Aviation safety
  • Programmatics, systems
    production programs, components, systems (capabilities ,functionalities, realization)
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