Fundamentals of Aircraft Operations

The course covers a multi-disciplinary range of relevant topics in the field of aircraft and air traffic operations with focus on commercial air transport. Starting with a review of the history of civil aviation, the course presents important players, operating processes and procedures, as well as boundary conditions of the air transport system, and additionally portrays the future perspectives of new technologies and their potential impact on aircraft operations.

At the end of the course, students are able to understand all important aspects as well as their mutual interaction in the field of aircraft and air traffic operations, and to evaluate them in the context of the development of modern aviation systems.

Fundamentals of Aircraft Operations (WS)

LecturerProf. Dr.-Ing. Mirko Hornung
ContactDipl.-Ing. Ekaterina Fokina; Dipl-Ing. Felix Will


Facultative lecture

Schedule2 lecture units per week (2 SWS, 3 credits)
Content•    History of civil aviation
•    Overview of the aircraft design process
•    Aircraft operators
•    Airports
•    Air traffic control
•    Commercial aircraft operation
•    Environmental impact of aviation
•    Electric aircraft
•    Unmanned aerial vehicles
•    Fundamentals of aeronautical engineering (recommended)
•    Aircraft design (recommended)
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